Sushi Naked Restaurant

5 The Wonderful Weird Restaurants in The World

Hello friend, business is an idea. And some clever man understands this better at it. That’s why the businessman come to the business in some perfect idea. Which is a wonder that the restaurant, after knowing the restaurant about would like to go to the restaurant. Originally we come to the restaurant eat for best favorite food.

(1)Twin Star Resturent

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Feel that you have entered a restaurant where only the t twin boys and girls are roaming around. Yes, there is a restaurant in Moscow. where Only the twins are kept in this work. You can see all the employees of this restaurant in pairs. Whose face matched with each other. They do all work, wearing the same dress and Staying the same. They are found twin from Russia and they are paid in the higher levels. Its owner claims that the thought was inspired by the film called the kingdom of Crooked Mirrors. The idea seems to be fun and both the customers and the twin staffs say they’ve enjoyed the experience thus far. “We worked as barmen before this summer in a different organization.

(2)Sushi Naked Restaurant

Sushi Naked Restaurant

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This restaurant’s popularity is so much that if you want to go here, you must be booking before six months. The surprise of this restaurant is that not placed in plates. A nude girl’s body was arranged and people have to eat and eat food. Even if it is awful and awful to hear people line up to go to the restaurant. The reason for saying terrible is to think about the girl condition when she is taking food with a spoon. Beauty really is the word to be used when direct to the exotic flowers, the presentation of the food, and the imaginary models that all contribute to Nyotaimori, Naked Lady Sushi. This is not merely an exclusive dining culture, It is truly amazing an art form.

(3) Waterfalls Restaurants

Waterfalls Restaurants

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Actually in this restaurant has a natural beauty view you can see. Located in the interior of the palatial Villa Escudero resort plantation in the Philippines. When you eat in the waterfalls restaurants there will be water up to your knees like be the river. If you go to this restaurant you do not only eat, you can come to the bath and this arrangement there. However, when you going to the restaurant you must be shoes should be open. This restaurant tables and chair and cook station are made the bamboo and dishes are generally local fares such as fish and rice.

(4) Floating Restaurant

Floating Restaurants


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Great service, this restaurant located in Mandate Canada is popular because the plane of the plane is taken out after the meal. Which is hanging in the sky? Anyway, you can take a taste healthy and nice food. When the lake is floating really delicious food and a wonderful view. Although Floating Restaurant located is over 35 years 2015 this comes in the big change since new marina in 1997.

(5) ICE Restaurant

ICE Restaurant

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If you go to the ice restaurant you take must be winter clothes because all the time this is temperature is 6 degree. The restaurant all chair and tables are made by ice even only the foods that made of ice are available. The Ice Restaurant introduction also includes a visit to the Ice Bar and an appetizer drink from an ice glass. Join us for an immortal experience!

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