Avoid the Pounds this Holiday Season

Avoid the Pounds this Holiday Season

The holidays are great. Friends and family come together with love in their hearts. We drink and laugh and open presents. We eat. And feast. And eat. And eat a little more. We unbuckle our belts and sigh a sigh of satisfaction. T’is the season, right?

But then January shows its ugly head and we wake up on a cold winter morning, step on the scale and find a new friend has joined you: the holiday rolls. Not the kind you spread butter on, but the kind that clings to your hips and your arms. Your pants don’t fit, and your belly is sticking out of your shirt. It’s not a beautiful sight.

We all say, “this year, I’m not going to pack on the weight; I’m not going to eat four servings of stuffing or have that eighth slice of pie. This year will be different.” But it never is, is it? With one too many glasses of wine, it’s hard to put down that fork.

There are plenty of ways to prevent the post-holiday fat; it just takes a little bit of discipline and foresight.

Don’t pay attention to the food

Try focusing your attention away from the temptation of the dessert table. I know, your aunt’s pies are irresistible. Stay away! If you don’t want to get bitten by the terrifying pit bull that lives across the street, don’t pet it! It’s the same thing with pie. Avoid it and you won’t get bitten. It is likely that you rarely get the chance to see some of your relatives at parties or get-togethers. Seize these rare opportunities. Spend time with those you rarely see; spark up conversations with them as opposed to gorging on sweet potatoes and turkey. Focus on the holidays and not what’s on your plate.

Have a run or two

Don’t forget to exercise, even if you never step on a treadmill throughout the year. The month of December should be considered not only a holiday month but also an exercise month. If you rarely exercise, think of it as “breaking even”. Before going to that Christmas dinner where you know you’ll have way too much food in your gullet, have a run or rigorously clean your house. This way, when you gorge, you have already burned enough calories to compensate for the ridiculous amount of grub that will enter your body. Break even.

Be a little bit picky

You can’t completely ignore the yummies on the dinner table. It is futile to think you can. So, since you know you’re going to splurge, you should be a little picky. Usually at big holiday dinners, people eat everything on the table, even if it isn’t their favorite. They just double or triple-up on the dishes they truly love. That’s a great idea. Eat the foods you love. But with every food you choose to eat, there should be another dish that you must sacrifice. You want three helpings of stuffing? Well, you might just have to sacrifice the mashed potatoes. While you’re at it, avoid the really fattening foods. Don’t drench everything on your plate with gravy. Gravy is simply liquid fat and blood. Not the healthiest thing in the world, sure, but delicious.

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