Have Tattoos

5 Things You Should NEVER Do in Foreign Countries

Did you know that in various countries your haircut could get you fined? Or that living with your boyfriend or girlfriend can buy you original lockup time? Watch today’s video to learn about all you should never do in foreign countries!

(1) Have Tattoos

Have Tattoos

Photo credit: Irish Times

In parts of Asia, any sort of tattoos on your body is extremely frowned upon. Up until recently, tattoos were connected with gang members and gang activities. In South Korea, it’s still unlawful and highly frowned upon to have tattoos and in some public evil uses of Japan, you can’t enter if you have tattoos. While stain around them is slowly going away, the idea that tattoos make you a hooligan is still very popular.

(2) Ask Someone About Church

Ask Someone About Church

Photo credit: Churc Hmilitant

In Norway, the majority of people don’t and have not for a moment attended church, so it’s deliberated weird to ask someone about what church they go to or anything about their religion.

Asking someone about the church is seen as invasive and evil and since many people don’t go to church anyway, it’s extremely weird.

(3) Have a Mullet

Have a Mullet

Photo credit: Daily Mail

We take personal selection pretty seriously in America, but in Iran, they banned particular hairstyles. The Ministry of instruction there excludes decadent Western-style haircuts like the mullet, spikes, and ponytails. All of those are punishable by a fine.

(4) Eat with your Fingers

Photo credit: Life Yomi

It can be thoughtful poor etiquette to eat anything with your fingers if not you absolutely have to. While in some foreign countries eating with your hands is the elementary way to eat, in Chile you should really save off doing this if possible. Forks, knives, and cutty only!

(5) Have a Weird Baby Name

Photo credit: Baby Center

Recent legislation in Denmark, New Zealand, Sweden, and a few foreign countries embargo peculiar names. In Denmark, you have to like from one of the 7000 pre-selected government names for your baby or get approval from a church on a different name. Names like V8 and Superman were banned but strangely names like cruelty and Google were allowed. The naming limitation is supposedly in place to impede discrimination and bullying for kids with curious names.

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