losing your hair

Five Things that You Ought to Know If You are Losing Your Hair

Do you believe that it is normal to lose a hair, at least a strand on a daily basis? Yes, everyone, all people male and female lose hair daily. It is very unfortunate of the other people though that profuse and rapid hair loss without any replacing hair growth happen to them. As a result, there is a noticeable thinning of hair as well as a certain degree of baldness. One factor that contributes to this is health and lifestyle. It means that it is how we take care of our body, like the way we take in or eat the necessary nutrients as required of us daily, the way we handle stress and our patterns for hygiene and relaxation that may affect or contribute to hair loss. Not to mention, heredity or our genes coming from our ancestral line plays an important role in baldness or severity and patterns of hair loss.

Prevent Hair Loss Now!

Can we prevent hair loss? For those baldness that are hereditary in nature, meaning baldness that runs in the family, hair loss is difficult to prevent. This is because the genes signal the body to shed hair so as to attain the desired hereditary trait which in this case is baldness.

Top 5 Things to Prevent Hair Loss

1. Maintain healthy skin, scalp and hair by eating right! Drink plenty of fluid to moisturize the roots of the hair, take in vitamins and minerals through food or with the use of supplementation containing protein, Vitamin A, Iron, Omega 3 fatty acids, Folic Acid, Zinc, and Vitamin B complex. Good sources of protein are soya, meats, liver, and milk. While it is not possible for us to consume all these micronutrients in a day because of the fad diet of those who have a busier lifestyle, a good alternative is to take in supplements like Omega 3, fish oil, and some other preparations containing these vitamins.

2. Avoid hair damage through sun exposure, excessive heat and wind as well as the use of curling irons and hot hair shower and blowers.

3. Give time to massage the scalp daily while taking a bath as this will increase the blood circulation in the area. This stimulates hair growth. Brush your hair gently in the morning and before turning in at night. Use 100-200 gentle strokes to unclog the pores and break the hardened oils in the scalp.

4. Have a good hair hygiene. Shampoo the hair three times a week and use conditioner instead in daily washing. This will avoid too much drying of the scalp and avoid the removal of the protective moisturizing layer of it.

5. Stress is believed to manifest physically by shedding hair. Since hair loss can be induced by stress. Try several ways to manage one’s stressful lifestyle. Get enough rest as well as sleep in day. Do not let stress make you bald!