Top 5 Most Modern foods in the world

My favorite friend People eat food to survive. But have some people which are live only food in the world. As a result we are like to eat so much. We Can’t live without food. There is real happiness and peace in eating food. But with the help of science in the present ago, people have finding some foods which were once also wonderful to imagine. Let’s go we are introduce some special amazing and surprising foods.

(1) Edible Mist

Edible Mist

Photo credit: New Atlas

How are moving ahead with time like same many topics change are wonderful. The vitamins we got from natural fruits can be now acquire from the air. In 2011 a person named david adword create an materials that would make the alternative mixing of the lab made in the lab. Devid combines with a safe like this, creating 200 various flavors of this artificial cloud. Chocolate coffee, and pain apple that is some flavor will not want to miss. Using the altrasonic evaporation this made are liquid flavors . Which can be pulled from the air into the mouth. Using the altrasonic evaporation this made are liquid flavors. According to the people who eat is it really feel like food. From this you will get your the protein need but not get calories.

(2) Fleur Burger 5000

Fleur Burger 5000

Photo credit: Elite Readers

There are many people of us who love to eat fast food. Burger like this fast food which is favourite many people for breakfast. But any genareal man maybe can not want to eat 4 lakhs of burgers. Los vegas located in America you can get four lakh moneys burgers at Fluor. It use to be a lot of expensive things of make this. With this you will get a free bottle of wain in 1995. Only this bottle of wine is sold in four shops at others four lacs. So people expect this burger to eat, this burger deal can not be another for us.

(3) Edible Water

Edible Water

Photo credit: BGR

Plastic is one of the most harmful element for our environment. After that people use plastic to drink water. And then put the bottles in any place. And from escape, scientists have discovered the water. A british company has created a type of bottle made of geletine that keeps water from fast time. If you want you can eat water out of gelatin or geletine. If you leave the geletine cover then the water will be mixed in a few seconds. This geletine does not hurt in the environment and the water can be many color of water. If you want you can take any color of water teste.

(4) Golden Chicken

Golden Chickens

Photo credit:  Business Insider

What do you mean to say Strange food? I’m not talking about the food to which you can not look. But i’m talking about the food that you want to take a selfy before the meal. Gold chiken yungs are offered to customers in a restaurent in New York. The spice used to make it is made of 24 caret gold powder. You can eat for pure the gold. You think the food is very expensive but lets go i’m tall 10 price of chicken breast young’s chicken price is 80 thousand taka. If you want to eat golden foods, you should eat it once in your life.

(5) Pyura Chilensis

Pyura Chilensis

Photo credit: Munchies Vice

You can find any bich easily peru and chili the Pyura chilensis. It molina animal named are known. After watching the pyura you might think it is a stone. But blood will start to emerge if you cut it. Peru’s meat like an Iodine . Man eat piura meats like an funny. But it is not better for human health. It is a metal which can be harm humans.