Acne Affliction

Which Type Of Acne Affliction Are You Suffering From?

An acne skin condition causes skin lesions and is generally hormonal by nature. It is extremely prevalent in these modern times. Acne largely impacts on people in their adolescence, however it doesn’t imply that it doesn’t impinge on grownups. Lots of people acquire acne complications in their thirties and forties even. One can have mild, moderate or very severe acne.

It will also help to know that although acne could vary in intensity, there are at the same time distinct acne forms. Every type of acne demands attention and therapy. Below are a few of the most common types of acne:

Acne Vulgaris:

The most prevalent of all acne varieties, acne vulgaris normally occurs during one’s adolescence. It is comprised of blackheads and whiteheads. They are really really easy to remedy as they are a non-inflammatory form of acne.


Nodules are more critical. Nodules are tough protuberances that develop beneath the skin surface. In many instances, these nodules are sore to touch and are tougher to deal with. They can cause significant problems when not dealt with properly. Nodules can leave your skin with ugly scars.


These are almost just like nodules but they comprise of pus filled protuberances. Cystic acne can cause some pain and leave you with scarring problems. Individuals with cystic acne should seek advice from their dermatologists as soon as possible. Don’t ever try and pick or pop acne growth of this kind.

Acne Rosacea:

Acne rosacea is not an unusual kind of acne in anyway. It involves papules, pustules and red rashes. It can be more serious in males in comparison with females, but more common in women and commonly attacks after age 30. Acne rosacea ought to be remedied correctly because dismissing this can lead to more prominent skin issues. It can be very bothersome as it hits the facial area directly. It’s important to see an experienced dermatologist as it is often among the most commonly misinterpreted skin problems. Regular acne treatments might not work successfully with acne rosacea so it is vital that you get a correct diagnosis. Acne rosacea results in scars likewise.

Acne conglobata:

This is the most severe kind of acne and is more common in men. On the other hand, when compared to other types of acne breakouts it is quite uncommon. Troublesome blackheads and substantially large lesions that could leave awful scars are typical of this type of acne. It starts from the chest area, face, arms and back and spreads to other areas of body. Dermatologists usually give intense treatments for this type of severe acne as it doesn’t react to other traditional OTC treatments.

It is possible to keep yourself from having acne breakouts or stop your present acne condition from getting more serious by obtaining clear skin. Take a look at Zenmed DermaCleanse in order to find effective acne remedies that could help keep you acne-free forever.

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