Floating Castle in Ukraine

World 5 Home Which are Located Wonderful Place in The World

We’ve seen wonderful Place lists of the most creative, fantastic and quirky houses and they’re truly a marvel to see, but today it’s all about location, position, location! We put on our hiking boots, pack our backpacks and go traveling to some of the curious places in the world where people have built their homes.

(1) Floating Castle in Ukraine

Floating Castle in Ukraine

Photo credit: Live Journal

If you see it for the fast time, you will feel it is standing in the zero. The example of the ecological study was used as a rice field. But there is no one here now. How the house built is the main attraction of tourists.

 (2) The age House

The age House

Photo credit: You Sense

In Beijing, a person living in Beijing has built a house like an egg. The room is right in front of the road. The electricity that flowing in this room through solar. The person uses a computer light and other accessories in this room. The home located which land landowner says he go away but he’s not going to go the owner of this land gave him his position.

 (3) Clip Haven House

Clip Haven house

Photo credit: Trophy Amish Cabins,LLC

The desert cannot be a luxurious place for anyone. Nobody will want to live in the desert by fighting with the lack of strong sunny water from the sky. Facing the problems, The house that has been built with the help of science in the desert rock Its example for all. you can astonishment see for house decoration which you might think, In fact, the location of the house is in the desert.

  (4) House on The Rock

House on The Rock

Photo credit: Curio Sity

If I used to stay the house maybe I did not have any friends. because the home has not any corridor. In the middle of 1968, on a rock of the river Drina, There is an example of living alone in this house. I don’t know which live this home but I can talk just they get a lot of peace.

 (5) New Guinea Tree Houses

New Guinea Tree Houses

Photo credit: BBC

If you were just like that, you wanted to make 150 feet above the soil. It is strange to hear but it has been done by a group of indigenous people. They have built such houses to survive from wild animals. No one knew about this house before 1947. People have been able to know about this house since being shown in National Geography.


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